Highly automated
digital administration solutions
for company pensions

P·LIVE is a digital software focusing on company pension and benefit plans. P·LIVE creates end-to-end solutions for the administrative processes of these pension systems by creating interfaces for all involved participants. This allows simple, fast, and error-free administration and the availability of the most current data at all times. Our process chain can handle an unlimited number of benefit systems.

P·LIVE consists of three modules:

The program is a platform solution created with Java that can be used via the web browser. This no longer requires local installation and an elaborate rollout and allows automatic centralized maintenance.

Our administrative service is aimed at:


P·LIVE offers flexible models. You can choose among our full service, supported service, or software-as-a-service options. Even purely API use is readily available.

P·LIVE is the digital administration system of Lurse AG The close interaction with the human resources and company pension scheme consultant Lurse allows us to offer you 360° pension plan services.