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Digital administration solution for your corporate customers

When it comes to company pension schemes, today’s employers expect digital processes and online services that are fast, and intuitive. Do you want to position yourself as a professional provider in the digital era?

Digital platform for insurers, mutual funds, and social partners

The P·LIVE digital platform administers pension plan products for insurers, mutual funds and social partners simply, digitally, and efficiently. P·LIVE records all contracts and customer data in a centralized database. The administration processes and the entire customer journey is fully digitized and highly automated via application programming interfaces (APIs) linking all involved parties (employer, employee, product provider, security trust, financial investment management company, depository bank, supervision, bookkeeping, etc.).

Central data management

The process participants are centrally coordinated via an administration system, receive fully automated reminders, and are integrated into a comprehensive communication workflow. Changes to contracts and data as well as new assignments are carried out online by each user individually via portals, directly validated, and stored in the cloud. Status reports, statistics and ongoing reporting are available at a high quality with a single click. All investment processes are automated.

Employee portal

The creation of staff portals allows employees to access and alter their contracts, approvals, and documents or conclude new contracts. Contract conclusions or changes can be conveniently carried out online.

P·LIVE consists of three modules, each aimed at a different user group:

The data management module serves central data storage. It is separated from the other two modules by a firewall. This way, P·LIVE fulfills all data safety requirements.

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The employer portal offers:

The employee portal offers:


P·LIVE offers flexible models. You can choose among our full service, supported service, or software-as-a-service options. Even purely API use is readily available.