Fast and simple pension plan administration
360° and digital

Would you like to manage all your pension plan administration in a more streamlined, efficient, and digital manner? P·LIVE offers you just that.

Central Data Management

P·LIVE collects all the data for your pension and benefit plans, in a central database. The system interfaces directly with company HR and finance systems, offers an online member portal and provides access for your advisers, allowing your administration processes to be completely digitized and almost fully automated.

Comprehensive Communication Workflow

Users can make changes to contracts and data as well as new assignments via portals, the work is then directly validated and stored in the cloud. As a result, high quality status reports, statistics and ongoing reporting are available at a single click. This allows simple, fast, and error-free administration and the constant availability of the most current data. The P·LIVE process chain can handle an unlimited number of benefit plans simultaneously.

Employee Portal

Through the Employee Portal your employees can access comprehensive information about their retirement plans, including plan documentation and key contacts. They can also sign up for new benefits through the platform.

Easy Implementation

P·LIVE can be individually adjusted to the IT infrastructure of your company and your benefit systems. The set up is quick and easy. More than 20 standardized administration processes are directly available without the need for adjustments.

P·LIVE consists of three modules, each aimed at a different user group:

The data management module serves central data storage. It is separated from the other two modules by a firewall. This way, P·LIVE fulfills all data safety requirements.

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The employer portal offers:

The employee portal offers:


P·LIVE offers flexible models. You can choose among our full service, supported service, or software-as-a-service options. Even purely API use is readily available.